Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF: 2012 Must Reads

This Friday's Question:
2012 Must Reads: Which books are at the top of your list 
to be read this year (new or old releases)?
The book I look forward to the most is....
 Veronica Roth's first installment in this series, Divergent, was AMAZING! I could not put that book down and I have been impaitently awaiting the second book, Insurgent, for a while now! Only a couple more months until it is out! If you have not read the first book yet, you are truly missing out.
Publication: May 1, 2012 
Other books that I am looking forward to include:
Expected Publication: May 8, 2012
Expected Publication: Jan. 24, 2012
Expected Publication: Nov. 1, 2012

Other must reads that have already been released include:
  • The Iron King Series by Julie Kagawa
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
  • The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead
  • The Forgive My Fins Series by Terra Lynn Childs
  • The Firelight Series by Sophie Jordan


  1. Hi, there, Steph! HAPPY TGIF!!! You've got some really GREAT choices here! OMG!!! I want to read ALL of these!!! And I don't even know WHERE to start! I guess I'll have to fit them in somehow, with my own TBR pile... Lol.

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!! : )

    Maria @

  2. I have not read bloodlines yet BUUUT I loveee VA & Richelle Mead so I'm very excited for the golden lily to come out:D

    My TGIF & FF ((:
    -thank you&come again.

  3. Racquel (A Book Barbie) First of all I feel really stupid because I can't figure out how to comment on your post.... sorry!!! So I'm doing it here (hopefully you will be able to read it!)

    Those covers are gorgeous! The two that stick out for me are "In Honor" and "Masque of the Red Death" They book look and sound awesome! I can't wait to read them :)