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Review: Amazon Burning


This story has a little of everything- it's set in an exotic country with adventure, mystery, and even romance. The main character is dealing with some problems and has escaped to Brazil to pursue her budding journalism career. While there, she becomes obsessed with trying to solve a murder that has recently taken place. Between flashbacks of what is going on back home and her trips with her father and a dreamy photographer, Jimmy, who is off limits to her, she begins to understand who she is and the lengths to which she will go to prove herself. This story wasn't the best book I have ever read but I did enjoy it. The character of Emma was relatable and you found yourself rooting for her to be accepted and to figure out what happened to Milton Silva. She goes through a lot over the course of the book and its fun to see how she grows and maneuvers her way out of some sticky situations. I also really enjoyed the character of Jimmy. He's a sweet guy who is trying to make a name for himself away from a career that his family has laid out for him. There are some sexually explicit scenes so beware of younger readers picking up this title. I would give Amazon Burning 3 stars out of 5 mainly because it took me so long to get into it. Give it a shot, it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable read. :-)
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Want to know more about the Publishing Company?
Learn more about to author, Victoria Griffith. (The following information is taken from the Amazon Burning press release.)
Victoria Griffith is the author of the award winning non-fiction picture book The Fabulous Flying
Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont (Abrams, 2011), which won numerous awards, including the
prestigious Parents’ Choice. The book was recently translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market
and was also released in audio book version.
Before becoming a full-time author, Victoria spent twenty years as an international journalist, fifteen
of those years as foreign correspondent for the UK’s Financial Times. During that time, she had fun
writing on a wide range of topics, including Brazil’s Yanomami Indians, architecture, space exploration,
the human genome, and the growth of the Internet. She even managed to fit in some children’s book
reviews. Her most terrifying assignment was preparing lunch for Julia Child, who praised the Brazilian
fish stew but refused to touch the blackberry dessert. Victoria lives in Boston with her husband and three daughters.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Author Blitz- Nickie Seidler, Author of "A Lucky Second Chance " + Giveaway!

 Welcome to my stop on the 2013 Summer Author Blitz Tour. During this stop you will get to know a wonderful author through an interview that you can read below. Nickie Seidler is the author of A Lucky Second Chance. To read more about this great book, check it out on Goodreads
Interview with the Author of A Lucky Second Chance, Nickie Seidler.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your book?
Well, let’s see, I’m 26 years old and married to my best friend for almost two years now. I’ve struggled to find the “light” when it came to something that I wanted to do career wise with my life, till I discovered writing. I love it and I really do hope to make a career of it someday.
ALSC came out of my brain on a whim. I never thought of this story until I started writing. I find my best thoughts come out when I just sit down and write. It all comes to me. I’m not one of those authors that goes out with a notebook strapped to them, I never truly think of ideas until I’m smack down in front of a computer. Then I just type away, and that’s exactly what I did with A Lucky Second Chance. I really hope you all enjoy the book! It’s a good suspenseful romance that make you not want to stop once you start!
Outside of writing, what other things do you do or enjoy?
Outside of writing? What’s that? HAHA just kidding! I take breaks quite often on the weekend and spend time with the husband. We love to go to movies, hang out with friends, have a bon fire, catch a Dierks Bentley concert, or just relax. With our work M-F everyday work schedules we tend to want to just spend time with each other on the weekends! I also love to cook and try new recipes or make own recipes up!
Who are you inspired by?
Honestly, I’m inspired by these other wonderful Indie Authors I’ve gotten to know very well. Us indies’ struggle to get our names out there and for people to read our books. It amazes how many authors, bloggers, fans have LIKED my facebook page before my book is even out! They already want signed copies, swag, etc…and they haven’t read my book yet, just teasers! These LIKES inspire me alone because it means people want to read my work, they want to read MY WORK! I still can’t fathom seeing my name on my own paperback! Thank you for the continued support from you all, you make my life just that much better!
What are you reading at the moment?
I’m currently reading Lifeless by J.M. La Rocca, awesome read, highly recommened!
Are there any other works in progress at the moment?
There are two works in progress at the moment! I’m so excited to share with you in July the title for my next book! I’m jumping in my seat, excited for my next book in general! It’s a little different then ALSC and I’m hoping you guys will love it! I’m hoping for a release date of October 2013 but that’s just a hopeful guestimate! The second work in progress, which I don’t have a title for yet, I’m hoping to be out by February or March 2014!
What got you started in writing?
 This may sound totally goofy, and don’t make fun of me, but Fifty Shades of Grey actually pushed me to write my own story. I absolutely loved the story line, when I read that book, I couldn’t put it down! Then it dawned on me, hm, I should write my own kind of books! There it was a few months later I opened up Word and just started typing and my ideas just started to flow like crazy. Can you believe that I actually hated to read when I was younger? Never read any books unless school forced me to! Then, about a year ago I started a series of books my mom recommended and it immediately hit me, I wasn’t reading the genre that I was interested in! Now I’m hooked on reading, and even more, writing!
Do you model any of your characters or situations off of real life?
My characters are all fictional in ALSC, completely made up and resemble no particular person, event, or place.
Thank you for the interview! It was my pleasure to fill you in on some extra information! You guys all mean the world to me! I’m so thankful for such a growing community, with amazing fans that show me the best support a girl could ask for! I appreciate the blessing that God has given me for this wonderful opportunity of being an Author. It makes me feel so happy to be able to share this novel with the world! 

Find more out about Nickie at her website 

Connect with her on FACEBOOK, GOODREADS, and TWITTER

Now, for everyone's favorite part! Author, Nickie Seidler, has graciously agreed to giveaway an eBook copy of A Lucky Second Chance to one lucky follower! Enter below and good luck!

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To see a complete list of the 2013 Summer Author Blitz schedule, go here.
Check out the Facebook event on July 26 at 3 PM.

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15 Minutes Review and Blog Tour

Hi, and welcome to my stop on the 15 Minutes blog tour. When I started this book it was impossible to put down! The plot was interesting, the characters believable, and the cover is stunning! I hope you enjoy my review and buy this book, it was awesome! Read an excerpt from 15 Minutes here.

My Review:
15 minutes is a time traveling story that you are going to love. Lara is risking her life trying to change the past and she uncovers more than she bargained for. She is now in the middle of a huge conspiracy that she is unable to get away from. Will she be able to get back to her timeline? Or will she be stuck in this hell forever?
I loved this story and how it encompassed a large amount of genres. It has time traveling, a love triangle, mystery, and drama. Author, Jill Cooper, has done a masterful job weaving this story together. There were a large amount of twists and turns that had to be planned out from the beginning in order to be believable and keep you turning the pages. I loved Lara's character and seeing the differences between the characters in different timelines. The entire premise of the story was great and I fell in love with it. This story had me hooked from page one and I was unable to put it down.
-15 Minutes by Jill Cooper

Buy Links:
Book Trailer: 

Author Bio: 

I could write this in the third person. I could tell you what I like, where I was born, and what my favorite things are.
But instead, I'll say I don't want to write like everyone else. I don't want to craft stories you've read a thousand times before. I want my novels to be a cinematic experience, blending themes, genres, and situations unlike any you've ever read.
I want to break the rules. I want you to break out in a cold sweat as you read my books out of fear, love, and excitement. I want my books to be an experience. When you finish, I want you to feel something. Good or bad.
If you do, then I'll have succeeded. If not, I'll keep trying.
-Jill Cooper, Author Bio

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kiss of Fire Book Review and Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Kiss of Fire Blog Tour hosted by Megan at Reading Away the Days. Check out my review below. I hope you give this book a shot and that you love it as much as I did!

While reading Kiss of Fire, I became emotionally invested in Joclyn's story. Her life has fallen apart into a nightmare all because of a mark she received when she was five. Joclyn is a loner, convinced that if anyone were to see her mark they would leave her and she would be alone. The one exception? Her best friend Ryland. Throughout the book you are able to feel the desperation and loneliness that Joclyn is feeling and you can empathize with her. I loved the concept of this story and the way that it was told. There was a lot going on during the book and it was an incredibly interesting story that I rushed to finish. In my opinion, this is a fresh, new tale that is going to bloom into a huge series that everyone needs to read. I loved every moment of this book, the emotional roller coaster it took me on, and I cannot wait to read the second book in the series.
-Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington

Buy the book from Amazon for only $0.99 or Barnes and Noble for $2.99!

Check out the book trailer here!

  Contact the Author: Website, FacebookYoutube, Twitter

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Identified Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Identified: The Maya Price Story Blog Tour hosted by Megan at Reading Away the Days. When I read this book I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it! The author, Faith A. Rice Mills, has created an interesting and relate-able world that I would love to be a part of.
Want to know more about the story? Check out my review!

As my part of the blog tour I was able to ask the author some questions about her book and her writing process, below are her answers.

  • How did you come up with the inspiration for the story?
"You know, I'm not entirely sure.   I just had the idea on a long distance drive from my to my boyfriend's (now husband) house.  I came up with a girl named Maya, who was able to travel between dimensions, and the story has evolved from there..."
  • Who is your favorite character?
"Probably Lamar.  He's so awkward and dorky at first, but he has the courage and the strength to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of others.  I also like Luz because, like her, I tend to say exactly what I think."
  • Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life?
"The only character based on someone I knew is Maya's brother, Carl.  He is based on a childhood friend of mine, also named Carl.  My friend Carl was very mellow, good-natured, and kind of quirky, just like Maya's brother. However, Carl passed away after we graduated from high as a result of a car accident, for which he was not at fault.   I wanted to include him in the story as a way for all of us who love him to remember him."
  • How hard was it to self publish your book and promote it?
"So. Stinking. Hard.  First of all, I had to find beta readers, find a cover artist, learn how to format the book and find a good editor.  Also, I am not very good at self-promotion.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing.  But, I am slowly learning. I am meeting bloggers, disseminating my book internationally, and finally figuring out how to use Twitter to my advantage.  Also, there is no formula that guarantees people will read your book.  Sometimes you market your book all that you can, sit back, and cross your fingers that people decide to read it."
  • If you could control one of the four elements, which would it be and why? 
"I think water, for several reasons: 1.) I could make it stop raining when the weather is screwing up my day, 2.) I could fill up my water bottle when I get thirsty and 3.) I could easily put a swimming pool in my backyard."
  • What made you decide to you different styles throughout the story? For example, you used diary entries, future character memories, transcripts and Maya's own narrative.   
"I like stories written in first person, because you really get to know the main character, but that is not what I wanted to do with Maya.  I wanted the focus to be on Maya, but I wanted to involve the other primary characters and have readers get to know them as well.  I also wanted there to be a little bit of a mystery left to Maya.  As far as the first person letters, journals,  and interviews are concerned, it was my goal for readers to have hope for Maya's story and not think that everything turned out bad, which is why I included the journal entries with dates in the future.  I thought that these first person accounts would be a way for readers to get to know the other characters, and the history behind Maya's story, without taking the focus away from the protagonist."
  • How many books do you plan on writing in the Maya Price series?
"I go back and forth between four and five. Sometimes I think four won't be nearly enough to cover all of Maya's story, but sometimes I think five is way too many. I guess we will have to see.  However, I do not plan for it to be more than five books."
  • What is your favorite part of being a writer?
"I really enjoy creating these characters and watching them grow.   I am creating personalities, quirks, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, etc.  It's really fun to make up people!"
  • What advice would you give to future writers?  
"Always write down your ideas!  There are times when I'm, you know, out for a jog or at Starbucks, and I will have an amazing idea for the next part of Maya's journey.   But, by the time I get home, I will have forgotten about it.  You should always carry a small notebook or, if you have a smartphone, use a note taking app to record your ideas.   Also, reading helps your writing.  Reading builds your vocabulary and enhances your understanding of grammar.  I am always reading something.  In fact, I get kind of stressed out if I don't have something to read.   Finally, never be afraid to let other people read what you have written.  Your readers will have great suggestions and helpful criticism."
  • Why should people buy and read your book? Other than the fact that it's just plain amazing... :-)
"This is a coming of age story.  Maya has to leave her hometown (which is her comfort zone) and figure out how to be an adult.  While we may not all be able to throw dirt around only using our thoughts,  or change what people are hearing, we all have that experience of having to leave home, learning to be an adult, and discovering who we really are.   I think readers of all ages will be able to see a little bit of themselves in Maya and in her journey."

Friday, June 14, 2013

Review and Blog Tour: Sun Poisoned

Welcome to my stop on the Sun Poisoned blog tour!! I hope you have a chance to read the book and that you enjoy it! 

Book Summary:


 Sun poisoned picks up where the first book, Sunshine, left off. Sophie and her friends have moved to New York to pursue their music careers and to get away from the craziness that is Sophie's life at home. A lot of times, a series gets worse as it goes along but this book is not that case. I actually loved this book more than the first. The first book is reminiscent of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and I felt like this story began to set itself apart as a new type of vampire novel in the second book. I love Sophie's quirky friends and being introduced to the different people from the music scene that she is involved in. The author, Nikki Rae , has developed a story that is exciting and heart wrenching. The ending leaves you wishing for the next book in Sophie's story. I'm excited to see how the ending of this story is resolved in the next book.

-Sun Poisoned by Nikki Rae

Published June 28, 2013 

Author Bio:
Nikki Rae is a student and writer who lives in New Jersey. When she is not writing, thinking, or reading, she is most likely hanging out with her gecko, Neil Gaiman, drawing in a quiet corner, or drinking tea by the gallon. Sunshine is her first book.
Find out more by clicking on these links: Goodreads 
Author Facebook page  The Sunshine Series Page
Author's blog  Twitter

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sweet Dead Life Blog Tour and Review

My Review:
The Sweet Dead Life is told from the point of view of an 8th grade girl named Jenna Samuels. Jenna’s family is falling apart and she is too sick to do anything about it. Her father left five years earlier with nothing more than a short note and a coupon to a Mexican restaurant to explain his absence. Her brother, Casey, is left picking up the pieces as Jenna has a mysterious illness that no doctor can explain and his mother never leaves the house and is slowly losing her memory. After a car accident, everything changes. Casey didn’t live through the accident and was sent back to earth to figure out what is happening to his family. The story revolves around Jenna’s illness and what really happened to their father five years earlier.
                The voice of Jenna is very believable throughout the story. The way she acts, talks, and behaves is exactly as a real 8th grade girl would act. She is tough but vulnerable as well. I loved seeing the characters transformations throughout the book. Casey goes from being a total stoner to a guy his family can count on, while Jenna learns to forgive and move on with her life. There are many humorous scenes throughout the story where you can’t help but laugh at the situations they are going through. I also enjoyed the character of the mysterious Amber Velasco and see the transformation in Jenna as she slowly comes to accept Amber as a part of her life. The coolest part of the story, in my opinion, was the mystery that is being investigated throughout the whole book. Casey, Jenna, and Amber have to figure out what is happening to Jenna and her mother and how their father is involved in everything that is happening around them. In the beginning the plot was a little slow moving but overall I really enjoyed the story. It has a little bit of everything. There is fantasy, mystery, and teenage angst all rolled into one Texas tall story that will have readers enamored.

-The Sweet Dead Life by Joy Preble
Published May 14, 2013 by Soho Teen

THE SWEET DEAD LIFE if now available for order! Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, GoodReads

Learn about the Author, Joy Preble!

Joy Preble is the author of the popular and highly acclaimed Dreaming

Anastasia series. A former English teacher, Joy grew up in Chicago and is a

graduate of Northwestern University. She is now a full time writer and lives with

her family in Texas, where she has learned to say "y'all" without any hint of irony.

A tireless advocate for literacy and great books, she is at the center of the allimportant Texas YA scene.

Joy Preble Social Media and Website

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