Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Blood Warrior

As a follow up to my Teaser Tuesday post, here is my review of "Blood Warrior" by H.D. Gordon.
(This is the first book in the Alexa Montgomery Saga)

When I went to read this book this morning I just planned on reading a few chapters then getting up and doing something relatively productive with my day. Well, long story short, a few chapters went to a few more chapters until finally I had read the entire book. I had heard such great things about this book and I was not disappointed with it!
Blood Warrior is about a young girl named Alexa who has been training to fight her entire life for some reason unknown to her. She has a mother she feels neglected by and a sister that she would die for. She is known for getting into fights at school and can pack quite a punch for a girl of such small stature.

One day, after staying home from school, Alexa is met with a creature that is not quite human who has a thirst for her blood. After leaving her mother to fight off these creatures, Alexa takes her sister Nelly and they run for their lives. They only have the phone number that their mother left them to lead them to safety. This number leads them (with a stop or two along the way) to a kind of safe house for her kind.

There is something special about Alexa, not only is she not quite human, but she is the only one left of her kind: a sun warrior. She is seen as a kind of savior- someone who can rescue these people from the troubles that surround them. Alexa wants to fight for what is right, even when it goes against everything that the city is built upon.

Alexa feels drawn to the sullen warrior Kayden and he seems to be the only one that can calm the fire raging inside of her. The question is, will she let him?

The thing that I loved about this book was that there were so many different questions that kept popping up. What were Alexa's mother and Nelly keeping from her? What was she? Who can she trust? These questions were able to be answered in a timely manner and in an exciting way.

I loved how dedicated and loyal Alexa was to those she cared about. She would lay down her life for anyone that she felt deserved it- and maybe even those who don't.

This book has everything; intrigue, romance, friendship, and loyalty. I wish I had a tenth of the courage that Alexa holds. I personally can not wait to see what unfolds for Alexa as she heads off to search for someone she holds dear.

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