Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Ditched: A Love Story

Justina Griffith finds herself on the side of the road, in a ditch, the morning after prom. She can't remember much of what happened that led her here. All she knows is her purse and phone are missing as is her date. How could he ditch her at prom?

Justina went with her best friend, Ian, to prom. She had planned the whole night out, right down to the kiss they would share by a hot tub. Unfortunately, the night was a disaster. From her blueberry-like dress to her matching shoes, nothing seems to go her way.

Ian leaves her alone at the dance and he turns off his phone so she can't call him. Desperate to find him she makes a lot of bad decisions and they seem to keep missing each other at every turn. Will they ever find each other? And why did he ditch her at prom? These are the answers Justina is looking for throughout the book.

We hear the entire story from Justina who is telling it to some women she met at the 7-11 (the one she and Ian always go to) and we get glimpses of what went wrong throughout that entire night. She tells the women different pieces of the story and we get to hear their comments as they try to help her piece together the events of that night.

I loved the fact that it was very easy to relate to this story. Every girl has dreams about their proms, about wearing the perfect dress and being asked to go with the perfect guy. The entire story you just keep thinking, "geez, this poor girl just can't catch a break!" She may not have the perfect dress, but she seems to have an amazing guy that she just can't seem to hold on to.

You meet some laughable characters and some jerks. I was able to picture all of these characters from my high school and I loved it. I loved that some of the stories she told were out there but not totally improbable. This story kept me laughing and wanting to read more.

It was a ridiculously cute story that I would not mind reading again. It will also be a book that I will be recommending to lots of people. So, to get that started.... You should go read this book!... Like now!

Ditched: A Love Story was released on January 10, 2012 by Disney-Hyperion.
This is Robin Mellom's debut novel.
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