Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tempest by Julie Cross

This books is very interesting and it gives a new perspective on "time travelers". A 19 year old boy named Jackson has his life turned upside down when his girlfriend is fatally wounded and he accidentally "jumps" back in time two years.
Jackson has never jumped more than 30 minutes into the past but when he accidentally jumps back two years he is unable to return to his time to try and save his girlfriend. He is trying to figure out what is going on while attempting to figure out who he can trust.. his father who is hiding secrets from him? or the mysterious figures who keep popping up out of no where? Can Jackson get back to 2009 and make amends? or is he stuck in 2007 forever?
This book was an interesting read. I loved the different stories that we were taken on with each of Jackson's "jumps" and it was great getting to see him come to terms with everything that his father has been keeping from him. The beginning of this book was slow moving but once all of the back story was laid out, it took off! This book is going to be loved by many, many people. It is about a confused teenage boy who comes to terms with his past, learns to love, and figures out sometimes it is best to let go of the person you love to keep them safe. Part of me really did not want to reach the end of this book because I knew it would be a very long time until I could read the next part of Jackson's story. This is a must read for any person, male and female alike.

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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this one. I'll have to try and read it soon.