Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Her Dark Destiny by Dave Ferrero

Three out of five stars 
This book is about an 18 year old, Shanna Hunt, who has spent years hunting demons in an effort to avenge her parents murder. She goes to a party that ends up as a massacre by demons, shape shifters, vampires, etc. After this showdown, she decides to join with "The Alliance" which is a group of people who hunt down these creatures. The book is about Shanna coming to terms with who she is and helping her new friends track down their enemies.
This book was...interesting... the plot was great, but the writing needs a little work. I love the ideas that Dave Ferraro came up with and how he created a world with all types of mythological creatures. The part that I felt was lacking was in the writing. There were some parts where I could not put the book down but then it would lead to a very boring section of the book. There was a lot of descriptions in the book that I eventually started to skim through because I got bored with it. I really enjoyed the last fight scene that had two unlikely heroes join in the fight against the "bad guys". Overall, the book was okay. I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if it were to be edited down a little bit and some of the descriptions were cut down.

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