Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

This book was very weird to begin with but once I got past the first 10% I was hooked. It is about a girl named Channie (Enchantment) who is cursed by her parents so she would not end up like her sister. She was given the name "Chasity" and all of the magic that comes with that power name. She feels betrayed and angry by this betrayal of her parents and sneaks out of her house in the middle of the night. She meets two boys at a park and in order to test her new powers that "Chasity" has given her, she entices a boy to kiss her. Her powers rear their ugly head and the boy runs away thinking that he has been tased. Channie slowly begins to build a friendship with the boy, named Josh, and falls in love with him. They, being teenagers, want to be able to have a "normal" relationship meaning they would like to hold hands, kiss each other or anything that involves touching each other. In order to get rid of Chasity's curse, they become involved in dark magic and most of the story centers on them trying to get through it together.
The first 10% was all about Channie's family and them having to move to another state to escape a blood debt. I think the part that had me thinking, "okay, what?" was all of the names. The names they have been given carry huge weight with who the person is and what kind of powers they have been given. This book drew me in when we were introduced to Josh. He is such a great character and I immediately fell for him! I loved how he stuck with Channie through everything even when it cost him his dreams.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone past ninth grade. It was a quick read and has been set up for a second book that I cannot wait to read!

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