Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: A Shade of Vampire

First of all, this cover is captivating! If the summary doesn't draw you in, the cover definitely will! I absolutely loved this book and I could not put it down until the very end (and it was difficult to put down even then because I did not want to wait to read more...). Make sure to read my review below and then go read the book for yourself! You can read an excerpt if Bella Forrest's A Shade of Vampire here.

A Shade of Vampire was great! It was extremely fast paced, interesting, and exciting. I loved the characters and the idea of there being an unknown kingdom of vampires just hiding away on an island somewhere. I loved reading about the different dynamics between the different characters and how the author was able to show how different some people really are from each other. Even siblings are never alike. This book was only 147 pages and that is honestly the only thing I disliked about it.  I would have loved being able to read more about Sophia and Derek, but I guess that's why she has a sequel coming out. I fell in love with this story and I cannot wait to see what happens next as Sophia’s story continues.
-A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

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