Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Until There Was You

This story centers around Claire Montoya and her career as a Captain in the United States Army. 

This is a war and love story wrapped into one. Since it is an adult story, there are love scenes that are too old for young readers. I really enjoyed the different relationships we are able to see with Claire. She and coworker (Captain Evan Loehr) have always been at odds with each other until their latest assignment in Colorado. They are constantly butting heads until they realize they have a much stronger attraction than either of them knew. As she and Evan get to know each other, they are able to help each other face their pasts and come out on the other side as a better person.  Claire is head strong and unpredictable. She will do anything to keep her friends safe and out of trouble. When this blows up in her face, she is left facing two options about her future. Claire reminds me about myself in her loyalty to her friends and job. She is a great character with a troubling past. Throughout the story you see her finally allowing herself to trust others, getting over her grudges, and become an all around better person.
-"Until There Was You" by Jessica Scott
Published October 8, 2012
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