Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday (#5)

My shelf candy Saturday post is....

What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences? This is life for sons and daughters of fallen angels in Sweet Evil.

Tenderhearted Southern girl, Anna Whitt, was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She’s aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but it isn’t until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage, and her will-power is put to the test. He’s the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.

A cross-country trip forces Anna to face the reality that hope and love are not options for her kind. Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

Expected publication: May 1, 2012 by HarperTeen

Okay, I LOVE the contrast of the red dress and the black shirt! Also the white background VS the black one. This whole cover shows the balance of Anna's life. Will she choose good or evil?

What do you guys think of this cover? I can't wait to see what shelf candy y'all have this week! :-)


  1. I haven't seen this until now. I am a HarperTeen fan! How did I miss this? The whole dark and light thing is awesome and that dress! Thanks for sharing this post. :)
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

  2. Ooooh so intriguing. Love the lighting and the dress, and how the man in darkness is about to whisper some secret to her while she looks unsure if she wants to listen.

    Annie's Shelf Candy

    1. Did you get this at Net Galley? I'm headed there now to see if I can snatch a copy too :).

    2. I actually got an ARC of it at ALA... were you able to find it on NetGalley????

  3. Replies
    1. I completely agree! I'm a sucker for a cover with a great dress on it!

  4. I agree, the contrast is what really makes this cover stand out! Awesome choice! His body language makes me curious as to if he is up to no good for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie @ A Book Club of One

  5. Gorgeous! I love her dress and the cover fits so well with the description of the book. You could totally believe those two as regular teens or as fallen angels.

    My shelf candy is here if you'd like a look :)

  6. Gorgeous choice. A cover with black and white tones then a pop of color can never go wrong. This is the first I have seen this book but I am sure it won't be the last. great choice. ;-)

    my shelf candy is here is you would like to check it out. ;)

  7. Oh great pick!! I love this book also. It has been on my tbr shelf for awhile. Just counting down the days until it is officially out! Great pick this week.
    You can check out my Shelf Candy here.
    Dreaming In The Pages Enter My Giveaway

  8. I've seen this cover plenty of times, but I'm just now noticing the contrast! Thanks for pointing that out to me! Good choice!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  9. Oh, this is definitely a great cover! The color contrasts are simply stunning! And that red dress, fanning out the wy it does...TERRIFIC choice!! You're so right about the cover showing the balance between good and evil in Anna's life. This promises to be an exciting read! Thanks for sharing!! : )

    Maria @

  10. Great cover! Wow that guy is a menacing in the shadows like that.

    Steph @ Steph's Stacks

  11. Hi Steph! I tagged you in a Book Tag Post and I would love it if you can participate! Here's the link: Just Saying: Book Tagged

    Steph @ Steph's Stacks